【CYPRESS – Metal weaving pen pre-order】

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Cypress's 4th anniversary. We are going to launch a pre-order event to celebrate such a special day with everyone!🎉🎉🎉

In ancient times, people used weaving patterns to convey blessings and messages. By inlaying a lucky secret code with the Chinese character “壽“, which represents longevity and luck, we convey these blessings to you!

Please choose one of the four models of pens made of nickel silver and copper-brass that you like the most, with a 14K nib first time made by Cypress. The size of the nib has F, M and B. Listing price is USD590, we will open pre-orders for each pen pal at an amazing price of USD390(not include shipping fee,USD39), each pen pal can only buy one barrel, and the delivery time is within a month, ships in order of payment completion.

Pre-order period: From now till November 20, 2022.

(Length:140.9mm|Diameter:14.9mm|Weight: 65.2g|Section:10.7 x18.3 mm|Filling Mechanism:Converter or Cartridge|Material:Nickel silver、Brass|Nib:CYPRESS 14K Gold)