【CYPRESS 14K #6 Gold nibs Released】

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After three years of research and development, as well as invested a lot of manpower, capital, and equipment, also integrated the writing experience of more than 100 users in Taiwan, CYPRESS has finally launched our own nib. This release focuses on 14K, 18K and steel nibs will be launched in succession. The size of nibs has F, M, B, and BB, from the neutral 14K nib, with CYPRESS logo, the gorgeous hand-carved gold nib, and even the Nag-style nib grinds, witness our efforts to complete the fountain pen puzzle, provide you with more nib choices, and let your beloved pen find its own soul.

The CYPRESS 14K gold nibs released including:
1. 14K gold neutral nib 
2. 14k with CYPRESS logo
3. Nag-style nib grinds
4. Architect nib grinds
5. Gorgeous style hand-carved gold nib