Payment and Shipping Methods

l  Payment method in Taiwan

1.  Credit card

2.  OnlineATM

3.  In-store pickup (7-11, FamilyMart, OK and Hi-Life)

l  Shipping in Taiwan and delivery fee

1.  In-store pickup: $60

2.  2.Home delivery $100 (Free shipping on eligible orders over NT$3000, not including offshore islands)

l  Overseas Payment

        ◆ Pay by PayPal

l  Shipping Instruction (Overseas Delivery)

       ◆ We offer International Express Services (FedEx).

       ◆ The order will charge for $39 USD shipping fee per order.

       ◆ After the order shipped, the tracking number will be sent by email.
           You can enter the 16-digit number on FedEx website to track the shipment status.

       ◆ Due to customs in various countries may levy relevant taxes,
           taxes are not included in the order fee and will be paid by the recipient upon delivery.