One Leaf Poem notebook


Brand:Mr. Cypress
Cover: Leather/Inner Page: Kraft Paper
Size: Cover: 18.5*13cm/Inner page: 17*10.5cm
Number of inner pages: about 80
Binding method: loose-leaf

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* The above picture is a schematic diagram of the situation. The fountain pen is not included in the sale.

Mr. Cypress書寫工具提供獨一無二的書寫體驗,完美均衡的重量,墨水在紙張上的流暢體驗。讓您專注於重要的事-您想要寫的東西。每項經典書寫工具的誕生,都源自職人的完美堅持;看似理所當然的精巧便利,都滿載著體貼入懷的深情厚意;每個設計都是卓越的象徵,每一支筆都是從「推進精美寫作的藝術和工藝願景」開始,創造歷久彌新。

One Leaf Poem notebook
Soft leather touch, texture and warmth wooden pen bring out the best in each other.
The exquisite Mr. Cypress logo is printed on the leather, which is simple and durable.
The inner pages are made of vintage kraft paper, the color is comfortable, and the pen is easy to write without smudging.
Retro leather cord strap design with leaf charm.
Loose-leaf inner page design, easy to change the order of the paper, more flexible planning.
A notebook that takes you moving on to the new year, write your big and small things on it with a pen!

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