Eggshell series:Wealth


Item No.:PUR-EGFTCB0001
Size:Full Length 149.6mm

1. The gold nib can be upgraded:
2.If the nib size is not specified, the default size is Fine nib.
3.Please remark the brand, material, colour and size of the nib after placing the order.
4.The picture is the representative, the actual shipment shall prevail.
5.A stainless steel connector is applied to align the nib with section and barrel at your discretion.

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【CYPRESS –Eggshell series:Wealth】

In Chinese culture, the crab has a very auspicious meaning, symbolizing fortune and chance of luck in connection with its eight legs accumulating wealth from all directions.
The artist uses white eggshells to represent the beach and crabs, inlaid crab claws and bubbles with raden, and draws the crab body and lovely bubbles with the technique trace in gold. The cap or crown and the bottom of the barrel are decorated with sparkling golden bubbles, which are very lovely. The whole pen has the performance of eggshell, raden and urushi, which is let people fondle admiringly!

(Length:149.6mm|Diameter:15.2mm|Weight:28.7g|Section:w11.2 xh19.5 mm|Filling Mechanism:Converter or Cartridge|Material:Ebonite|Nib:JOWO)

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