Rhinocero skin


Item No.:PUR-RSCSRS0011
Size:Full Length 151.1mm

The nib is an option /The default nib is a steel nib, and the gold nib can be upgraded at an additional price/
※Please remark the brand, material, colour and size of the nib after placing the order※
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【CYPRESS-Rhinocero skin】

The so-called "rhinoceros skin" is not a real rhino hide, but specifically refers to a decorative craft in ancient Chinese lacquer making. It first piles up paints of different colors on uneven tires. After the paint is dried, it is polished to produce an artistic effect that is brilliant, smooth, and natural.

The designer uses rhino skin craftsmanship to express the beauty of the bamboo weave pattern on the pen body, breaking through the abstract and dazzling gorgeousness of rhino skin, presenting a simple and low-key, which makes people can’t ut it down!

Length:151.1mm|Diameter:16.8mm|Weight:25.1g|Section:w11 xh17.1 mm|Filling Mechanism:Converter or Cartridge| Material: East african blackwood with urushi|Nib:Jowo、Bock

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Weight 25.2 kg
Dimensions 15.1 × 1.66 × 1.66 cm