Damascus Steel


Item No.:P087-SC21000001、P087-SC21000002
Brand:Mr. Cypress
Series:Mr. Cypress - Damascus Steel
Material:Titanium Damascus、antler
Size:Full Length 149.6mm
Nib:Jowo steel

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Mr. Cypress書寫工具提供獨一無二的書寫體驗,完美均衡的重量,墨水在紙張上的流暢體驗。讓您專注於重要的事-您想要寫的東西。每項經典書寫工具的誕生,都源自職人的完美堅持;看似理所當然的精巧便利,都滿載著體貼入懷的深情厚意;每個設計都是卓越的象徵,每一支筆都是從「推進精美寫作的藝術和工藝願景」開始,創造歷久彌新。

特選訂製系列 Customize Style  |  精湛工藝 新穎獨特的設計 專注於純手工的價值
夢想的實現 經由藝匠巧思巧手 幻化為期待與驚喜 滿是詩意的作品因而誕生

【Mr. Cypress-Damascus steel】
Mr. Cypress will release a fountain pen with another honorable style, which was made by Damascus steel. The appearance spliced on the original etching of deer's antlers, which was responded for the eternal of extraordinary steel grain with strength and gentleness. The fountain pen is made of the steel, it looks like a challenge to test the lathe cutting tool and patience in the production, and then the grain has to use by acid washing to dazzle after all of productions have finished. It is difficult to overcome on several times with the wood and plastic material, combining with the steel and workmanship are quenched a huge determination and reached on the top of Mr. Cypress. Mr. Cypress will present a fountain pen is spliced on Formesan Sambar’s pattern with domineering and moderate style -「Damascus steel」, it is classic and eternal!

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