Austrian ink


Brand:Mr. Cypress
Material: pure natural dye ink
Capacity: 10ml, 15ml
Color: Montblanc Black, Pelikan Blue, Ruby Red and Irish Green

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The care for wooden pens of Mr. Cypress has been upgraded again! In order to improve the using quality for pen pals, we also look for the most suitable ink for the nib. A good bottle of ink must provide the writer with a good and meticulous ink rhyme texture when writing, and the lines must be able to express rich layers, smooth and not stuck, and more importantly, not block the cutting line of the ink.

The high-quality ink from Austria is the best version that we have presented to pen pals after testing. The ink effect and color saturation are as perfect as expected. At present, there are four colors of Montblanc Black, Pelikan Blue, Ruby Red and Irish Green, which are packaged in 10ml and 15ml bottles respectively. Welcome everyone to come and experience the beauty of being taken care of!


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藍色, 黑色, 紅色, 綠色


10ml, 15ml