Coral Star(white) Jowo nib C041-C062


tem No.:C041-P085-HN21000046、C042-P085-HN21000047、C043-P085-HN21000048、C044-P085-HN21000049、C045-P085-HN21000050、C046-P085-HN21000051、C047-P085-HN21000052、C048-P085-HN21000053、C049-P085-HN21000041、C050-P085-HN21000042、C051-P085-HN21000043、C052-P085-HN21000044、C053-P085-HN21000045、C054-P085-HN21000061、C055-P085-HN21000062、C056-P085-HN21000063、C057-P085-HN21000059、C058-P085-HN21000060、C059-P085-HN21000054、C060-P085-HN21000055、C061-P085-HN21000056、C062-P085-HN21000057
Brand:Mr. Cypress
Material:Mr. Cypress-Horn Collection
Material:Horn、Ebonite、AKA coral

The nib is an option /The default nib is a steel nib, and the gold nib can be upgraded at an additional price/
※Please remark the brand, material, colour and size of the nib after placing the order※
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【Mr. Cypress - Coral Star】
When I saw it, the pen was slightly shorter, rounded and delicate, very cute! The designer uses black horns as the main barrel of the pen . The section is made of ebonite with the same color and match the horn lines, and extension size to fix the ink absorber. The nib come with JOWO nib. I can't put it down, and then use the crimson AKA coral to add the finishing touch to central! Coral is one of the "Seven Treasures of Buddhism". Wearing red coral has the meaning of avoiding evil and protecting peace. The performance of the whole pen is gentle and elegant, but not ostentatious. In particular, Let penpals heartily and freely write when using.

Length:136.7mm|Width:17.2mm|Weight:27g|Material:Horn+Ebonite+AKA coral|Nib:JOWO

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Weight .027 kg
Dimensions 13.67 × 1.72 × 1.72 cm

C041 Jowo M, C042 Jowo M, C043 Jowo M, C044 Jowo M, C045 Jowo M, C046Jowo M, C047 Jowo M, C048 Jowo M, C049 Jowo M, C050 Jowo M, C051 Jowo M, C052 Jowo M, C053 Jowo M, C054 Jowo M, C055 Jowo M, C056 Jowo M, C057 Jowo M, C058 Jowo M, C059 Jowo M, C060 Jowo M, C061 Jowo M, C062 Jowo M