Sparkling colors-fluorescent


Item No.: P000-AC20001024

Brand:Mr. Cypress
Series:Mr. Cypress - Heritage Collection
Size:Full Length 152.2mm

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【Mr. Cypress –Sparkling colors-fluorescent】

The vibrant acrylic patterns depart from the usual calm, stately style. The look of this collection is a variant of the matching-grain design, with an integrated grip that create a sense of consistency. The polished sparkling surface make the colors stand out even more.

Mr. Cypress is the top manufacturer of handmade fountain pens in Taiwan. We are your first choice for design writing, collection and gift giving.

Length:152.2mm|Width:15.6mm|Weight:23.7g|Section:w10.8 xh16.9 mm|Material:Acrylic|Nib:JOWO

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