Buffalo horn


Brand:Mr. Cypress
Material: Black/White horn


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【Mr. Cypress-Buffalo horn】

Buffalo horn is a cold and smooth natural material; this is used to make the various kinds of daily goods and accessories. Except for the wood material, the buffalo horn is a favorite element for Mr. Cypress all the time. This collection features grain of colors and jade-like green, sober-faced but bringing the tension of life, with an integrated grip that creates a sense of consistency to make the users have a deeply touching feeling on the horns, it will keep your mind calmly and enter into the idea in writing.

From the love of this material, we commissioned the designer to make some horn ornaments . Each piece has a unique and natural horn pattern in a transparent texture. The five-pointed star and heart shape are hand-carved from black and white horns. Can be creative designed as a charm, pendant or as a boutique decoration, all have a unique style and lasting charm.

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