Rhinocero skin- Wire inlay urushi pen- A


Item No.:PUR-RSCSBT0001
Size:Full Length 142.1mm

1. The gold nib can be upgraded:
2.If the nib size is not specified, the default size is Fine nib.
3.Please remark the brand, material, colour and size of the nib after placing the order.
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【CYPRESS –Wire inlay urushi pen】

Using the inspiration of Chinese cloisonné, the designer carefully used tweezer to bend the silver wire figure on the lacquer pen, and adhered urushi to barrel, inlay in the layers of paint, raden, or other materials that want to express. In the process of repeated grinding, coating and polishing, it is very easy to rub off the silver wires or the patterns that have been inlayed in, it must start over or turned into failures!

The process of lacquer art is ever-changing. Designers always thinking about how to create different and distinctive works. Behind the complete presentation of a piece of craftsmanship, it must go through a long period of risky attempts and failures. We are looking forward the lacquer art show on the pen with more outlook after evolving again and again!

(Length:142.3mm|Diameter:15.4 mm|Weight:21.2g|Section: 10.8x16.8mm|Filling Mechanism:Converter or Cartridge|Material:Ebonite|Nib:BOCK)

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