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Item No.:P078-TAB2100001
Brand:Mr. Cypress
Series:Mr. Cypress - Classic Matching Grain
Material:Carbon Fiber
Size:Full Length 149.1mm

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【Mr. Cypress-Carbon Fiber】

Carbon fiber is a high-temperature resistant fiber with high strength and modulus (a mathematical description of its elastic non-permanent deformation tendency when force is applied to an object or substance), and it is a high-end variety of chemical fiber.
Carbon fiber has the advantages of high stiffness, high strength, light weight, chemical resistance, high temperature resistance, and low thermal expansion. Compared with similar fibers, carbon fiber is quite expensive, and it is also a scientific and technological masterpiece for nearly a century.
Cypress uses such excellent materials to make pens. Classic, high-end, and timeless are synonymous with this pen. The special material of carbon fiber is perfectly presented in the low-key, with the faint fiber texture and contrast. Highlight the extraordinary spirit of the to share with everyone in succession.
Except for the shuttle shape, we will roll out the flat top, cigar shape, cone shape and many different shapes to share with everyone in succession.

Length:149.1mm|Width:16.1 mm|Weight:29g|Section:w11 xh17.1 mm|Material:Carbon Fiber|Nib:Jowo、Bock、Schmidt

Mr. Cypress書寫工具提供獨一無二的書寫體驗,完美均衡的重量,墨水在紙張上的流暢體驗。讓您專注於重要的事-您想要寫的東西。每項經典書寫工具的誕生,都源自職人的完美堅持;看似理所當然的精巧便利,都滿載著體貼入懷的深情厚意;每個設計都是卓越的象徵,每一支筆都是從「推進精美寫作的藝術和工藝願景」開始,創造歷久彌新。

Heritage Collection| A gift from nature with the aesthetics and balanced proportions that can bring you on a journey discovering the world.
Made with world-class solid wood - Pay tribute to the professional skills passed down by generations.

Mr. Cypress快木文創-碳纖維  |  碳纖維是高科技的代名詞  |  新型纖維材料


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