Rising Bamboo


Item No.:PWO-BBFTRB0001
Material:stripe bamboo

1. The gold nib can be upgraded:
2.If the nib size is not specified, the default size is Fine nib.
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【CYPRESS –Rising Bamboo】

The stripe bamboo is described as the “bamboo of gold and jade.” To preserve the original colors of the bamboo, our artisans kept the shape of the knuckles and refined the surface. For both ends of the pen, a contrasting color of rice-white was used to create a partition, which not only retained the original look of the bamboo but also extended the life of this work of craft.

Bamboo is a precious gift derived from nature. It’s simple and neat appearance has been widely loved by literati, senior monks, academicians, and ordinary persons since ancient times. There are countless creations based on bamboo, and the shapes design from the bamboo are even too numerous to enumerate.

This time, we are honored to use the pen craftsmanship of stripe bamboo to design the " Rising Bamboo " pen model, which has broken through many tests and obtained the Taiwan Good Craft certifications. In addition to thanking the judges for their favor, being able to stand out from many designs and win the trust of fans. It's not easy as pie, let's take a look at how the Mr. Cypress’ team works hard to make it different.

1. In terms of #appearance, in order to fully present the natural bamboo, we will retain the joint of it— #This is actually the thing that few people are willing to do, because when making, the designer must manage to overcome the uneven joint, finds out the concentric circles to make the pen and prevents it from breaking, and continue and protect the structure of the bamboo itself.

2. In terms of #details, at the diaphragm of head and tail, we deliberately designed it to simulate natural bamboo joints by concave first before inlaying imitation ivory pieces — #This is what makes us different. In this step, the technique must fix to irregular surfaces one by one and find the concentric circles at the head and tail to make the application of force.

3. The final #coating process achieves 3 major functions: it can continue and protect the bamboo’s structure, add the color and texture of it, and show the exquisite craftsmanship of the designer!

4. The overall components are made by Mr. Cypress, which is different from the general one.

(長度:149.3 mm|直徑: 17.8 mm|重量:27.5g|上墨方式:吸墨器或卡式墨水|材質:金絲竹|筆尖:Bock、Schmidt)