Bamboo pen gift box (without pen)


Material: bamboo
Type: magnetic top opening type (hidden powerful magnet)
Lining: black EVA rolled and black flannel

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Bamboo pen gift box (without pen)
An exclusive gift box for fountain pens produced by Mr. Cypress, with a magnetic top-opening style, and lining with EVA rolled and black flannel.
With a wooden pen exclusive accessory set, the gift is uniquely noble and generous, suitable for personal use and collection.
* The above picture is a schematic diagram of the situation. The merchandise in the box is not included in the sale.
* In addition, we provide customized services for outer box laser engraving and inner lining. If you have any needs, please call us for consultation, and we will evaluate the quotation for you.

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Weight 570 kg
Dimensions 23 × 20 × 5 cm