Tamenuri-Maple Leaves


Size:Full Length 145.1mm

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【CYPRESS –Tamenuri-Maple Leaves】

The golden autumn and red maple are always breath-taking beauty, no matter through photography or painting, people always want to keep the beautiful appearance of maple red!
In contrast to the burning like of maple leaves, this time we use the method of "painting under the urushi" to keep the low-key beauty of the maple leaves. The red and golden maple leaves are sealed under the transparent raw lacquer, and it will dry with time. The crimson and golden maple leaves bloom in their dazzling colors, which is very interesting!

Tamenuri stands for coating translucent layers of raw lacquer after the motifs or main urushi work for the solid colors are completed. The purpose of tamenuri is to create the depth of urushi design as the translucent layers are visually penetrable. The maple leaves on this pen look subdued charmingly under the subtle shade of translucent lacquering.

(Length:145.1mm|Diameter:16.5mm|Weight:24.8g|Section:11.3(D) x17(L)mm|Filling Mechanism:Converter or Cartridge|Material:ebonite|Nib:BOCK)

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紅色, 金色