Raden-Sea turtles


Item No.:P085-RSI21AN113
Brand:Mr. Cypress
Series:Mr. Cypress - Special Selection
Size:Full Length 151mm
Nib:Jowo、 Bock

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【Mr. Cypress-Raden:Sea turtles 】

In ancient China, turtles were regarded as auspicious things. And we were collectively called the "four spirits" with dragons, phoenixes, and kirins. Sea turtles have a long lifespan. They appeared on the earth more than 200 million years ago and co-existed with the earth’s overlord "Dinosaurs". They are the veritable living fossil. According to records, the lifespan of sea turtles can be as long as 152 years. Therefore, sea turtles have the meaning of longevity and auspiciousness. There is a Chinese idiom that "The lifespan of crane and turtle", is meaning longevity. Such a beautiful ocean traveler, is also one of the themes of our collection!

Raden is a traditional Chinese handicraft technique.Grinding conch or shells into thin slices, cutting them into different patterns with the skill of artisans,and then inlay the thin shells on pen according to the sketches, is an ancient and exquisite technique that is about to be lost.

Mr. Cypress’s the series of Raden that takes traditional craftsmanship into the fountain pen shape, after a year continuously we try to do and plan, we finally break the tradition and boldly challenge the various of elements. In the future, we continuously release more exquisite collections to accompany with your writing time.

Mr. Cypress is the top manufacturer of handmade fountain pens in Taiwan.We are your first choice for design writing, collection and gift giving.

Length:151mm|Width:16/14.8mm|Weight:25.4g|Material:Ebonite+Raden|Nib:Jowo 、Bock







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