Size:Full Length 152mm

1. The gold nib can be upgraded:
2.If the nib size is not specified, the default size is Fine nib.
3.Please remark the brand, material, colour and size of the nib after placing the order.
4.The picture is the representative, the actual shipment shall prevail.

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【CYPRESS – Raden:loyalty】

In Indian mythology, the cow is the mount of Shiva, a symbol of the universe, and also represents health and fertility, so it is revered as a sacred cow.

In China, in the agricultural society, cattle are an important role in helping people earn a living. They are animals that are inseparable from human life. Human transportation and farming require the help of cattle. The status of cattle is almost the same as that of family members! 

2021 is the year of the ox in China. The second-ranked ox in the zodiac has the auspicious meaning of hard work and good weather; of course, designers will not miss using it as the protagonist to show the symbolic meaning of hard work, selflessness, bravery and stubbornness and wealth.

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Weight .027 kg
Dimensions 15.07 × 1.62 × 1.62 cm

雪茄, 方蓋