Raden-The four SHEN-special size


Item No.:PRA-ANMXFS0001
Size:Full Length 163mm
Filling Mechanism:Converter or Cartridge
Nib:BOCK TI-380 F or B

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【CYPRESS –Raden-The four SHEN-special size】

Chinese culture has a long and wonderful history. The ancestors used their wisdom to imagine the four great patron saint, namely the Azure dragon, the white tiger, the Vermilion bird, and the black tortoise. They are mighty and domineering, yet beautiful and noble. They are closely related to China's Five Elements theory and Astronomy. For thousands of years, The four SHEN have been held in the altar, and to this day, they are still noble and mysterious representatives.

Mr. Cypress expresses the four divine beasts on the barrel with Raden craftsmanship at the same time. The exquisiteness and difficulty of the craftsmanship are self-evident!

This time we challenged the production of large-scale, majestic momentum and exquisite carving, presenting vivid the four great patron saint, do you like it?

Raden is a traditional Chinese handicraft technique.Grinding conch or shells into thin slices, cutting them into different patterns with the skill of artisans,and then inlay the thin shells on pen according to the sketches, is an ancient and exquisite technique that is about to be lost.

CYPRESS’s series of Raden that takes traditional craftsmanship into the fountain pen pattern, we try to do and design, finally break the tradition and boldly challenge the various of elements. In the future, we will continuously release more exquisite collections to accompany with your writing time.

(Length:163mm|Diameter:19.8mm|Weight:45.9g|Section:13.9 x19.4mm|Material:Ebonite|Nib:BOCK TI-380 F or B)

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Weight 0.0459 kg
Dimensions 16.30 × 1.98 cm
Nib Size

TI-380 Fine Nib, TI-380 Broad Nib