Kawari-nuri- Glorious life


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【Mr. Cypress – Kawari-nuri : Glorious life】

The designer’s Kawari-nuri technique is just like a magician, sometimes gorgeous and wealth, sometimes low-key and calm, sometimes pure and refined, while sometimes passionate and unrestrained.... In this parcel-gilt like and rhino skin Kawari-nuri ‘s pen, red, black, and gold color are interlaced, and the barrel is thick and three-dimensional like rhino skin, as if the lava from a volcanic eruption, overflowing along the surface cracks. The mountains, rivers, lakes and seas are formed, after thousands of years and then formed the universe, passionate and unrestrained to accomplish all thing at one go!

Kawari-nuri is one of the urushi crafts. To make these varnished patterns, commonly known as "graining", uses less strokes, but uses a variety of tools to make the patterns. Instead, the monochromatic holding position is painted stroke by stroke. The common method of wavy texture is to wind with cotton thread. After the cotton thread is removed, the paint surface will produce uneven horizontal stripes (so it is not painted), and then apply multiple layers of different color paints, and then grind the layers similar to the wafer sandwich. Graining is usually random, so two pens cannot replicate exactly the same pattern, It is even more difficult to add raden in the Kawari-nuri process. The shells and lacquer have to be polished many times to make them smooth and seamless, which takes the test of time.

The special drying conditions of natural tree lacquer are extremely cumbersome and time-consuming, requiring dozens of repeated painting and polishing. The designer is careful every time It takes at least three months to make a pen, creating a distinctive feature, and the output is scarce and precious, so the work has a unique artistic value.

The tree lacquer has been collected and made into lacquer pens. With the increase of time, the color and luster will only become more and more clear and beautiful, the hand feels warm, and it will show the everlasting collection value.

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Length:150.5 mm|Width:16.4 mm|Weight:28 g|Material:Ebonite |Nib:Jowo


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