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【CYPRESS-Kawari-nuri:Deep light】

The designer told me that the urushi art craftsman cherish things, all lacquer must be used till the end, even if it is dry, it can also grind to become the powder and continue to create!
Same as the technique of Kawari-nuri, posted on strip shell, use lacquer powder to make pattern, with a layer of grinding and integrate both of it, the understated and warm color, with the indistinct but glory Raden, different color schemes touch different emotions of the person who writes, warm and faintly shininy, it presents a urushi art that shows the the utensils wear traceswith the passage of time, the handmade traces are full of temperature!

Kawari-nuri is one of the urushi crafts. To make these varnished patterns, commonly known as "graining", uses less strokes, but uses a variety of tools to make the patterns. Instead, Graining is usually random, so two pens cannot replicate exactly the same pattern, It is even more difficult to add raden in the Kawari-nuri process. The shells and lacquer have to be polished many times to make them smooth and seamless, which takes the test of time.

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(Length:142.1mm|Width:15.1mm|Weight:20.8g|Section:10.9 x16.9mm|Filling Mechanism:Converter or Cartridge|Material:ebonite|Nib:JOWO)

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