Kawari-nuri:Good old days-2


Item No.:PUR-KWFTGT0002
Size:Full Length 139.1mm

1. The gold nib can be upgraded:
2.If the nib size is not specified, the default size is Fine nib.
3.Please remark the brand, material, colour and size of the nib after placing the order.
4.The picture is the representative, the actual shipment shall prevail.
5.A stainless steel connector is applied to align the nib with section and barrel at your discretion.

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【CYPRESS – Good old days】

The special drying conditions of natural tree lacquer are extremely cumbersome and time-consuming, requiring dozens of repeated painting and polishing, that takes several months to make a fountain pen carefully every time. The designer stacks distinct lines with unique lacquer powder, and each work requires at least more than sixteen coats processes, the perfect presentation all acquired with time and patience. The beautiful urushi color changes again and again in the process of waiting and under different light sources, constantly stirring up the imagination of designers!

(Length:139.1mm|Diameter:14.8mm|Weight:21.1g|Section:10.8x20mm|Filling Mechanism:Converter or Cartridge|Material:Ebonite|Nib:BOCK)

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