14K Nib Golden leaf rubbing-B


Size:Full Length 137.9mm
Nib:CYPRESS 14K Gold Nib

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【CYPRESS – Golden leaf rubbing-B】

Leaf rubbing is a very popular technique in urushi art, but if you want to express the beauty of leaf rubbing on the narrow barrel, that must need the designer's patience and esthetic sensibilities. The designer used the leaves that are readily available in nature to rubbing the beauty of venation on the barrel through urushi art. However, due to the small size of the barrel, it is extremely difficult to choose the leaf, if it is too small, that cannot be able to obtain obvious venation, but if it is too large, it cannot be fully presented on the barrel.

The natural material is the designer's favorite, because the life bred by the earth is always so intriguing, the designer used the original amber transparency of the lacquer to make the overlapping layers between the leaves again and added pure gold powder to make the whole picture more three-dimensional and vividly.

(Length:137.9mm|Diameter:14.5 mm|Weight:20.2g|Section: 11.7x20.2mm|Filling Mechanism:Converter or Cartridge|Material:Ebonite|Nib:CYPRESS 14K Gold with BOCK hausing)

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Weight 0.0202 kg
Dimensions 13.79 × 1.45 cm



CYPRESS 14K-Fine size with BOCK hausing, CYPRESS 14K-Medium size with BOCK hausing, CYPRESS 14K-Broad size with BOCK hausing