14K Nib Kawari-nuri- Coral Ocean-5


Item No.:PUR-KWFTCO0001
Size:Full Length 139.9mm
Nibs:CYPRESS 14K Gold with BOCK section

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【CYPRESS –Kawari-nuri- Coral Ocean】

Coral is a very beloved treasure and one of the seven treasures of Buddhism. It is also an important indicator of marine ecology. Whenever its spawning season, coral eggs will erupt together in a tacit understanding, forming a beautiful starry sky or like the magnificent picture of the snow scene in the sea. However, we can see that the beauty of coral spawning in people's eyes is also the efforts of organisms to overcome the difficulties of nature in order to multiply. The ocean occupies about 72% of the earth's surface and is the origin and basis of almost all life. However, due to the overdevelopment, catching, pollution and destruction by human beings, the ocean is suffering more and more, which caused the marine ecology has an unprecedented catastrophe.

Therefore, the designer uses the Kawari-nuri craft to express of the beautiful and vast ocean world on the barrel, especially uses the seeds as the graining to make special effects, which called nanako-nuri. Breaking the regular, consistent arrangement and traditional color combination to derive a wonderful moment such as coral spawning....
Trying to awaken people's attention to ecology, so that the coming generations can enjoy the breeding from ocean,Let us work together for the harmonious development of human beings and the ocean!

(Length:139.9mm|Diameter:16mm|Weight:23.1 g|Section:11.2x16.8 mm|Filling Mechanism:Converter or Cartridge|Material:Ebonite|Nib:CYPRESS 14K Gold with BOCK section)

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Weight 0.0231 kg
Dimensions 13.99 × 1.6 cm

CYPRESS 14K Gold- F, CYPRESS 14K Gold- B