Thank you for purchasing the fountain pens produced by Cypress (the company). We hold fast to the spirit of handcraft, making best efforts to produce high-quality products.
Before being delivered to you, all products have passed strict quality inspections. We hereby promise the following matters to ensure your rights and interests.

  1. There is a [cooling-off period period] for our website. The cooling-off period is not a trial period. The next day after receiving the products is counted as the first day. If any defect is found, please contact us within seven days, otherwise it is not accepted. The returned product must be new and fully packaged, including the product, accessories, gifts, warranty, outer box and all attached documents or materials, etc. The use, damage or missing parts may affect your right to return (exchange) the products and may also deduct the expenses necessary for restoration according to the degree of use, damage, or missing parts.

  2. If the product is faulty, damage, abrasion, scratch, dirty or damaged packaging due to improper disassembly or use by the customer, the return (exchange) of the product will also not accepted.

  3. If the return (exchange) of the product is due to personal factors, the relevant expenses (such as: shipping, taxes, service charges and so on) returned to the company should be afforded by you.

  4. The pen made of natural materials may crack as the situation arises, such as severe changes of humidity and temperature. In scenarios when it occurs due to non-human factors within seven days, we will repair the cracks of your pen for free. However, the textures of natural materials are not the same, if the pen is remade, the texture will not be exactly the same. If there is a need to repair after more than seven days, it is needed to afford part of the cost of maintenance, sections replacement, shipping fee and so on.

  5. We have displayed the color and image of the product as accurately as possible. Due to the different resolutions of each display, the color difference between the photo and the actual product may occur. The return (exchange) standard still depends on our judgment.

  6. The refund amount will not include related expenses (such as: shipping, taxes, service charges and so on), the refund procedure will be applied for you within 5 to 7 working days (excluding holidays) after the return of the product is confirmed, the actual refund time still depends on the bank operation, please pay attention to your checks.

  7. The company reserves the right to interpret the contents of this guarantee.