Item No.:P038-RSI21ST004、P038-RSI21ST005
Brand:Mr. Cypress
Series:Mr. Cypress - Special Selection
Material : Log inlaid Raden
Size:Full Length 151.8mm

The nib is an option /The default nib is a steel nib, and the gold nib can be upgraded at an additional price/
※Please remark the brand, material, colour and size of the nib after placing the order※
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【Mr. Cypress –Raden : Elites】

The simple, staggered and straight striped Raden design presents light and shadow on Raden from the sharp angle, it is neat and concise, delicate and elegant, just like the extraordinary taste and agile thinking of the elite people, while the V-shaped Raden arrangement has the meaning of victory!

Straight shells are extremely difficult to cut. Besides, it is easy to being brittle, the arrangement angle and the performance of the customized Raden must also be very precise. The master has overcome all difficulties to realize a powerful and unconstrained style of the designer, let our Raden craft develop a new look!

Raden is a traditional Chinese handicraft technique.Grinding conch or shells into thin slices, cutting them into different patterns with the skill of artisans,and then inlay the thin shells on pen according to the sketches, is an ancient and exquisite technique that is about to be lost.

CYPRESS’s series of Raden that takes traditional craftsmanship into the fountain pen pattern, we try to do and design, finally break the tradition and boldly challenge the various of elements. In the future, we will continuously release more exquisite collections to accompany with your writing time.

Length:151.5 mm|Width:16.4 mm|Weight: 28.8 g | Material:Log inlaid Raden|Nib:jowo、Bock







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Dimensions 15.18 × 1.56 × 1.56 cm